Patrick Baeuerle, PhD

Co-founder & Advisor

Patrick Baeuerle is a Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor at Aktis Oncology. He serves as scientific advisor for iOmx, TCR², Werewolf and AKTIS, and is an investment committee member of the UBS Oncology Impact Fund, an oncology-only crossover fund managed by MPM. Prior to joining MPM as an executive partner, Patrick served as Vice President of Research and General Manager of Amgen Research Munich GmbH. At Micromet and Amgen, he was responsible for the development of the T cell-engaging antibody Blincyto®. In addition to publishing over 240 peer-reviewed research papers, he is also an Honorary Professor of Immunology at the Medical Faculty at the University of Munich and a member of the Leopoldina. Patrick holds a PhD in Biology from the University of Munich and conducted his post-doctoral research at the Whitehead Institue for Biomedical Research.