A new way forward

Aktis Oncology is working at the forefront of a transformation in radiopharmaceutical therapies, developing first-in-class alpha-emitting agents that safely and efficiently target and destroy cancer cells while minimizing harm to healthy cells.

Opportunity for impact

In advanced stage solid tumor cancers with distant metastases, our radiopharmaceuticals will be used to destroy cancerous cells wherever they reside in the body. In cancers where disease is detected early, we will aim to eradicate any cancer cells remaining after surgery to improve cancer cures.

With superior cancer-killing potency, Aktis Oncology’s radiopharmaceuticals offer a new precision approach with the ability to overcome the challenges of conventional cancer treatments including chemotherapy and new generations of antibody drug conjugates. Our therapies are engineered with specific properties to not only confer breakthrough efficacy, but also to enhance safety. We believe our approach can provide a powerful new treatment option for all stages of solid cancers.


Precision targeting

Our highly selective tumor-targeting radiopharmaceuticals are designed to deeply penetrate tumors and maintain long residence times, providing concentrated impact directly to the tumor.

Unique molecular design

Custom-engineered radiopharmaceuticals deliver powerful alpha particles directly to the tumor while being rapidly cleared from other parts of the body to minimize whole-body isotope exposure.

Cancer cell death

Alpha particles have ~1000x the cancer-killing potency of beta particles and are able to induce double strand DNA breaks, preventing acquired resistance and outperforming traditional chemotherapy and new generation antibody drug conjugates.

The power to see and know

A key component of our approach is the ability to leverage imaging tools to understand precisely where our radiopharmaceuticals are being delivered in the body. By employing a theranostic approach, we can visualize and verify tumor target engagement, allowing us to better predict which patients are most likely to benefit from this type of therapy.

Contur Lines
Contur Lines

Scaling for the future

Carefully timed and coordinated logistics are critical for effective delivery of radiopharmaceuticals whose activity diminish over time. Aktis Oncology is engaged at every step of the manufacturing process to guarantee just-in-time delivery of its radiopharmaceuticals. We prioritize the physician and patient experience to ease the traditional limitations of radiopharmaceuticals and to ensure our medicines make it to the patients who need them.

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