Senior Research Associate/Associate Scientist, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)

About Aktis Oncology

Aktis Oncology is a biotechnology company pioneering the discovery and development of a new class of targeted radiopharmaceuticals to treat a broad range of solid tumor cancers. Founded and incubated by MPM Capital with its seasoned team of entrepreneurs and drug developers, Aktis has developed proprietary platforms to generate tumor targeting agents with ideal properties for radiotherapy. Designed for high tumor penetration and long residence time, Aktis Oncology’s molecules can quickly clear other areas of the body, thereby maximizing tumor elimination while minimizing side effects of treatment. These are therapies that would also enable clinicians to visualize and verify target engagement prior to exposure to therapeutic radioisotopes.


The Senior Research Associate/Associate Scientist will work within the Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) group to assist in the optimization of lead peptide molecules for our targeted radiotherapeutics platform. Key contributions will include expanding our understanding of metabolic stability, pharmacokinetic profiling, and biodistribution in preclinical species. Primary responsibilities of the successful candidate will include 1) in vitro metabolic stability assay execution and 2) bioanalysis method development and quantitation.

Background and Qualifications

  • BS/MS in life sciences (biology, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacokinetics, etc.)
  • 2+ years of biopharmaceutical research experience in drug discovery and development and/or translational research
  • Hands-on experience and troubleshooting abilities with regards to HPLC, mass spectrometry, LC-MS/MS instrumentation and bioanalysis
  • Proficiency with the following techniques:
    • Bioanalytical method development and qualification
    • Complex matrix cleanup techniques including SPE, ion exchange, protein precipitation, phospholipid removal
    • LC-MS/MS multiple reaction monitoring experiments
    • Common analytical chemistry best practices

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute routine in vitro stability experiments in various models of mammalian tissues and blood products
  • Collaborate with DMPK team members and work independently to develop, optimize, and implement LCMS-based test methods for purposes of supporting routine preclinical pharmacokinetic analyses
  • Process, interpret, and report bioanalytical results to stakeholders
  • Collaborate with other R&D team members, project teams, and external collaborators to progress lead molecules into development candidates
  • Demonstrate high standards for scientific rigor, team behaviors, excellence and building a culture of innovation that is fully aligned with company objectives
  • Take on new challenges and build a culture of data-driven decision making to bring novel therapies to the clinic
  • Work independently and maintain a desire to grow professionally

Preferred Experience:

  • Background in peptide and/or radiopharmaceuticals research
  • Prior experience with CROs and/or external collaborations
  • Familiarity Sciex and Agilent brands of HPLC/MS instruments and software
  • Familiarity with additional analytical technologies including SPR and ICP-MS would be appreciated but not expected